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Polly is a specification for parameterized packages of observability-related configuration objects such as dashboards, alerts and more.

With polly packages we intend to address the fundamental challenges involved in keeping observability systems in sync with the systems they're intended to observe, addressing question including but not limited to:

  • Who creates and maintains these objects? Who knows enough to do it? To do it well? For OSS systems we didn't write ourselves?
  • How can we be sure these objects are the right ones for the versions of our systems?
  • How can we define common properties, invariants, or aggregations over these objects across an entire organization? When the organization's telemetry data is heterogenous?

We see the full lifecycle these configuration objects as within scope of polly.

In our repo you will find the polly specification and the rest of the documentation is on this site.

And now: go and give it a try by visiting the usage section or check out the community section to learn more about he vision and how to start contributing.